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What’s The Big Thing in 2024

From the 2024 RAPBN meeting, Indonesia economic transformation efforts will be pursued through several strategies. IndoBuildTech Expo 2024 will bring momentum that will drive progress in all aspects of the dynamics of the industry.

Accelerating infrastructure development to support economic transformation, especially infrastructure in energy, food, connectivity, and Information and Communication Technology.

National Infrastructure Budget for 2024

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Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic Indonesia has been entrusted with 125 National Strategic Projects that must be carried out consisting of :

1 Industrial Area
51 Toll Roads and Bridges
56 Dams and Irrigation Projects
15 Water and Sanitation Projects
2 Public Housings
1 Coastal Embankment
1 International Islamic University

One-Year Plan for the New Capital City

Approaching the one-year plan for the 17 August 2024 independence ceremony in the courtyard of the State Palace, the capital city of Nusantara. The construction of the State Palace Complex and the initial stages of development continue to be accelerated.

Forward With IndoBuildTech


In the movement towards advanced infrastructure development, a collective and systematic movement is the right approach to building an impeccable image of advanced development.

By participating in significant movements every year that will make a difference in the process of establishing a substantial and meaningful development which makes this country’s symbol of stability through a series of real movements that are packed with  a lot of insights and benefits for all stakeholders across industrial sectors.

Show Details

IndoBuildTech Expo 2024

Show Date:
Part 1 : 12 – 16 June 2024
Part 2 : 07 – 11 August 2024

Opening Hours : 10.00 – 21.00 WIB (Wednesday – Sunday)
Total Area: 50.000+ sqm
Target Visitors: 85.000 Visitors
Brands Represented: More than 500 Brands
Countries Represented: 9
Indonesia, China, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia

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50.000 sqm

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